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InfantEar for Medical Professionals

TalexMedical is committed to providing you and your practice with the professional support that will help make your “newborn ear molding” office procedure, a successful and gratifying experience.

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As A Healthcare Professional, You Want The Best For Your Patients.

We at TalexMedical, have designed InfantEar™, an easy to use, non-surgical and cost effective solution to correct infant ear deformities early in life.


The InfantEar™ Molding System can easily be performed in your medical office in just a few minutes and requires only 2-3 weeks of molding time to transform a deformed ear into a healthy and more natural looking ear, if treated in the first two weeks of life.


The InfantEar difference:

  1. Accommodates any ear size or shape.
  2. Hook and loop components can be repositioned for precise placement.
  3. Quick setting gel molds the entire ear, not just a few points.
  4. Single procedure kit, no minimum order or hunting for parts.
  5. See through gel facilitates viewing the treatment progress.
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Designed For Medical Professionals

Our unique system allows clinicians to both recognize and treat ear deformities in the first few weeks of life without the need for external consultations or referrals, resulting in greater access to treatment, improved patient outcomes and substantial cost savings.


Our goal was to create an inexpensive and simple to use system that replaces the need for a costly, labor intensive, surgical ear procedure with a simplified outpatient device. Soft, biocompatible ear mold materials are packaged in a single-use, disposable kit for each individual child – preventing cross contamination.

Training Made Easy

Learn How to Use Our InfantEar Correction System

At TalexMedical, we are committed to assisting you and and your staff with the training necessary to offer this easy to use newborn ear molding system to your patients.

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Learn how other providers have successfully added InfantEar molding to their practice. Our single procedural kits also mean no large inventory to carry!

Step-By-Step for Medical Professionals

Your Patient’s Ear Correction Process

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We Provide Training & Sales Materials


Your Patient Contacts You Directly


Apply InfantEar Correction System


2-3 Week Treatment Timeframe


Payment is Received by Patient / Insurance

Frequent Questions

How is the product supplied?

Each kit contains all the components needed to treat one ear. Please specify Left or Right when ordering.

Does the device need to be changed during the treatment period.

No, In most cases a single application of the device is all that is needed when treated within the first 2 weeks of birth. If the device is accidentally dislodged, a new device may need to be applied.

How can I check progress of the treatment?

The silicone gel matrix is transparent and the position of the ear and the InfantEar components can be checked as often as desired during the treatment period.

Is removal difficult or painful?

No, the silicone gel matrix is not an adhesive and can be easily removed from the skin. An adhesive remover wipe is also provided to facilitate the removal of the base plate.

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