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Non-Surgical, Molding Solution For Infants With Ear Deformities.



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Shape their future with confidence - InfantEar™ by TalexMedical: "The Perfect Fit for Little Ears"
What is InfantEar™?

A 2-3 Week Solution For A Lifetime Of Benefit

The InfantEar™ Molding System can easily be performed in the office and requires only 2-3 weeks of molding time to transform a deformed ear into a healthy and more natural looking ear, if treated in the first two weeks of life. Older babies can still benefit from treatment but duration may be longer; please discuss with your provider.

We have a solution for your baby.

InfantEar™ Treats A Wide Range Of Ear Anomalies.

It is estimated that as many as 30 percent of children are born with some type of congenital ear deformity, but it’s not something that many parents or medical professionals discuss regularly. Most believe that they will self correct.  However, an estimated 70% do not self correct and it is impossible to know which ears will.


Congenital ear anomalies are birth defects that affect the shape and position of the ear. These conditions can involve the soft cartilage around the ear along with other structures that affect both the function and appearance of the ear. These anomalies can also cause significant social impairment.


Any abnormal development can cause complications to a person’s ears. In some cases the problem may be more cosmetic, while in other cases it could cause problems in the ear, nose, and throat of the person and affect normal development.

Before photo of helical rim deformity on a baby's ear
After photo of a helical rim deformity on a baby's ear


Helical Rim Deformity

Before photo of a Cryptotia deformity on a a baby's ear
After photo of a Cryptotia deformity on a a baby's ear


Cryptotia Deformity

Before photo of prominent ears on a baby
After photo of prominent ears on a baby


Prominent Ears

Before photo of constricted ears on a baby
After photo of constricted ears on a baby


Constricted Ears

Before photo of Stahl's Deformity on a baby's ear
After photo of Stahl's Deformity on a baby's ear


Stahl’s Deformity

Cup, lop, or lidded ears on a baby after photo


Cup, Lop, or Lidded Ears

How Is InfantEar™ Better?

Offer The Infantear™ Molding Procedure At Your Practice.

Designed for medical professionals, our unique system allows clinicians to both recognize and treat ear deformities in the first few weeks of life without the need for external consultations or referrals, resulting in greater access to treatment, improved patient outcomes and substantial cost savings. 

Our goal was to create an inexpensive and simple to use system that replaces the need for a costly, labor intensive, surgical ear procedure with a simplified outpatient device.

Soft, biocompatible ear mold materials are packaged in a single-use, disposable kit for each individual child – customizable for any ear size and shape!

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If treatment is initiated within the first two weeks of life, 2-3 weeks of therapy with the InfantEar™ System can dramatically and permanently improve your patient’s outer ear appearance and function.

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