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Infant Ear Deformities Are More Common Than We Once Thought

Did you know that almost one out of every three infants born will have an ear deformity at birth. Ear deformities are common and are typically caused by the way the infant's intrauterine position that at times will fold the ear inward or flatten it out. Thanks to the infant's native estrogen, some infant deformities will self correct by the first week of life. Unfortunately, the majority of ear deformities do not self correct and will maintain their mishappen ear shape for the infant's life time.

Now, there is a new, painless, sugical-free ear molding system that can transform your infants misshaped ear and transform it in only 3 weeks to a healthy looking ear for your infant's life time.

10 day old infant with a significant mixed ear deformity transformed in only 3 weeks to a healthy normal looking ear.


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